Tim DePuydt Photography  

Tim DePuydt was born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan. The summer before his senior year of high school, his family moved to Michigan’s Upper Michigan, where Tim was first exposed to photography as the photographer for his high school’s yearbook. After graduation, Tim entered the United States Army, where he continued to pursue photography in his off-duty time. Soon after his departure from the armed forces, Tim put photography on hold to raise his family, but his camera was always handy.

In 2001, while on Church mission trip to Peru, Tim’s passion for photography was rekindled, as he acted as the team photographer. Upon his return, he began photographing his world with a new point of view. His friends and family quickly noticed his skills, and he began photographing events and going on excursions with other nature photographers.

However, his passion for photography took fire in 2005 after Tim survived stage-4 throat cancer. This experience changed his outlook and gave his life new meaning. Tim gives the Lord credit for showing him the importance of pursuing his dream by engaging his God-given talent for photography.

An avid hunter his entire life, Tim now views wildlife with a new perspective - through a camera lens. Supported by his wife Pam, he pursued his dream in 2008 and now shares his passion for photography with others as a full-time professional. Tim specializes in wildlife and rodeo photography. He also enjoys photographing weddings, taking portraits of people and pets, and capturing pictures of anything else that fills his viewfinder.

Tim and Pam make their home in Florence, Montana where they live on a small ranch raising chocolate labs and cattle.

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