The focus of my photography is primarily wildlife, with a specialty in birds.


I began my photography journey at an early age, and it continued into my adult life.  I photographed during high and then as I traveled during my tour of duty with the Army.  My photos were personal at that time; and for a short season, I put my camera aside to work and raise my family.


In 2001, I had the opportunity to travel to Peru with a mission team from my church as the team photographer.  The passion for the vocation was again awakened in my soul and I continued on the path that has led me thus far.  From that time until 2005, I practiced the craft as an amateur, taking Senior portraits for family friends, photographing weddings and taking classes at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  In 2005, I stumbled into the arena of rodeo photography, as I became the University of Montana Rodeo team photographer.  That led to photographing High School Rodeo and in 2007 and 2008, I was awarded the Montana High School State final Rodeo contract.  I continued to photograph college and high school rodeo in Montana until the fall of 2009.


In 2008, I embarked on a full-time career in photography.  I have built and extensive portfolio and have participated in many outstanding fine art festivals since that time.  I have had the pleasure to show my work at shows in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.  I've received Best in Photography or Best of Show awards at two shows in 2017, and Best in Photography for three shows in 2018.


My wife, Pam, and I make our home in Western Montana, where we enjoy feeding birds and spoiling our grandchildren.